…der Himmel soll heute noch aufreißen – sagen die Meteorologen. Der Himmel steht weit offen. – sagt der Pfarrer zum Abschied in meiner kleinen Kirche heute Morgen.
Dass Himmel nicht ohne Ränder, Ecken und Kanten, Kreuz und Schweres ist, hat er auch nicht verschwiegen. Wie auch das Andere nicht. Dass Jesus Herr über all dem ist. Dass ER das Leben in Fülle schenkt, Nähe, Heilung, Enfaltung und Freude…

Nick Baines's Blog

This is the text of this morning’s Pause for Thought on the Chris Evans Show on BBC Radio 2:

A couple of months ago I took a couple of weeks out to go away and recharge the batteries. What this meant was that I stayed with friends in Switzerland and read a shed load of books. On the last day before I came home my friend Martin took me for a drive down the border with France and we had a great day out in the sunshine, walking and talking.

What amused me was that we kept driving across a border. One minute we’re in a characteristically French-speaking village, then a couple of miles down the road and we’re in a well-ordered German-speaking place. And I began to wonder what it does to your head when you live in a part of the world where you are constantly on the…

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